Director Vetri Vendhan rescues Meera Jasmine | Meera Jasmin in Adhinarayana | Engal Aasan » meerajasmine-3

meera jasmine photos | meera jasmin in engal aasan | meera jasmin in adhinarayana film


meera jasmine photos | meera jasmin in engal aasan | meera jasmin in adhinarayana film

2 Responses to “meerajasmine-3”

  1. 1 Thomas Antony
    March 27, 2009 at 11:19 am

    You look ravishing in som’s e shot’s but you’re poorly dressed in others. You have good talent , but you depict the half-porn movies it’s sickeing, which was watched on YouTube. That is a shame. Try your luck in other places other than Tollywood, why don’t you act in Bollywood. A spell in Hindi movies will round off you’re career. When are you coming back into Malayalam movies? I’ll await abatedly with hope. Contact me and I shall put you across to the right path. Perk up Mary and no mor porn or half=porn movies. Was it a promo ?

  2. 2 Thomas Antony
    April 19, 2009 at 5:34 am

    I did watch you in ‘Achuvinte Veedu’. I did read some rave reviews of the film. But after watching it, there was a sour taste left on the tongue. You acted well in some frames but boy you where dressed like a overgrown teenager in some frames. Wonder who selected your veshangal for the film. As I did state earlier Mary, even in the scenes except a few which I had followed in YouTube (your promotionals) some frames you appear again very poorly attired. Ok if you are depicting a semi-porn movie. Maybe I am jealous in my view, but you dohave the talent which Mallu actors do not have.
    If you want contact me and I can put our thinking cap on and make your move Mary. I can put you across talent=spotter’s and they may guide you through to your desired goal.

    Have a nice day and hope you find happiness with Rajesh

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