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Age is not a big factor for me – Meera Jasmine Answer.

Hello My Fans, Film friends, Media people and every one….

First of all i would like to say thanks to everyone…to being a fan, friends, mentors to me… still now i got more and more success in this film industry. Now every one knows about Meera Jasmine well.

Now i would like to say a few things to my media people, in my last interview, i have heard a news from some of the people, says about my age and to who paired up with me, their age.   Actually i never care about my heroes on the screens. I ready to pair up with senior actors like vijayakanth as well as newcomers.   I had teamed up with Malayalam actors Prithviraj as well as Narain when they were just new to tinsel town.  I would be following the same traits in Kollywood too`. I didn`t  care about my image when pairing up with Vijayakanth `Not at all!!! Again my reply is same and I am really always concerned about my characterization and not who I pair up with.` adds the actress.

Thanks my dear friends……

for Meera Jasmine